Heater Repair

Why Work With Licensed Heating Experts?

As fall is just around the corner, we start dreaming about warm clothes, warm drinks, and a warm home. By ensuring the proper functioning of your heating system, you can keep your energy bills low and your comfort levels high. You need to have the certitude your home is going to stay warm and cozy throughout the cold season. By cooperating with our professionals at Expert HVAC Care, you can secure the good functioning of your furnace for the entire cold period, even if it lasts for a few months. Should your furnace stop functioning, all you need to do is give us a call, and our experts are going to come to your rescue in no time.

Enjoy Your Comfort At All Times

Waking up to a cold house is one of the most terrible things that can happen to you. Should your heating system fail, you can rely on us to fix it. Our team of experts can provide you 24-hour emergency services, all year round.

When Repair Isn’t A Solution, Consider Upgrading

Furnaces aren’t built to last for a lifetime. There comes a time when they can’t deliver the performance levels you’ve been used to. When this occurs, it’s time to think about replacing your furnace rather than trying to fix it.

This is how to know when time has come for a furnace replacement:

  • Age: 10 years is a reasonable age for any furnace, so if it’s older than that, you can start thinking about an upgrade.
  • Repair frequency: Two or three repairs per year should make you think bout getting a new furnace. Moreover, if the cost of these repairs are about half of the price of a new system, it’s time to stop the waste and go for a replacement.
  • Energy bills: Your furnace getting old can be one of the main reasons of your energy bills increase, as old equipment becomes less effective as time passes. A constant increase in your energy bills is a surefire sign you have to replace your old furnace with a modern one.
  • Comfort: If your house is cold despite the increasing energy bills, you have good reasons to suspect the furnace as being guilty for this situation. Big indoor temperature variations and ineffectiveness are signs that tell you you should go for a furnace replacement.

Expert HVAC Care is the one to turn to for all of your heating needs. We want you to be comfortable in your own home, so whether it is repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations, we are the best choice.

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