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The year’s first frost shows up and your furnace stops working. When you wake up your house feels like an icebox and you have to put on gloves and your heavy winter coat just to stay warm. You need to have emergency furnace repair done, and fast! So who can you call on?

We don’t charge by the hour, but by the job instead. So when you need emergency furnace repair work done, you won’t be billed any overtime charges. Why is that? Because we understand how important having low heating bills are to you. Before we start on any repairs, we will first thoroughly explain the problem and discuss what your options are with you so that you can determine how you would like to proceed from there.

Expert HVAC Care is insured and licensed. We are experienced with servicing all furnace brands. We guarantee all of our work, so you can be certain that our expert technicians will perform your furnace repair in a professional and thorough manner the first time. You can have the peace of mind knowing that you can call the Expert HVAC Care in your are to receive courteous, professional and competence assistance whenever you need it.

Why Isn’t My Furnace Working Properly?

Heating systems and equipment are quite complex. When one component begins to malfunction, the entire system’s ability to run is impacted.

The following are some of the common reasons why you may need to call Expert HVAC Care to have emergency furnace repair services performed:

  • The furnace blower constantly stays on
  • After lighting the burners, the blower doesn’t turn on
  • The main burner either won’t stay lit for more than three seconds or won’t light at all
  • During operation or startup your furnace is making strange noises
  • The pilot light has gone out
  • Your furnace won’t turn on

How Most Common Furnace Problems Can Be Fixed By Our Experts

The following problems are symptoms of some underlying cause.

Below are the most common reasons why your furnace is not working properly and what our Expert HVAC Care technicians can do to help you:

  • No power to your furnace – If there is no response from the fan to raise the temperature of the thermostat, the furnace switch may be turned off, there could be loose wiring or a breaker might have tripped. More complex problems may include issues with the blower motor, run capacitor, control board, thermostat or transformer. A diagnostic test can be performed by a technician in order to pinpoint what the precise problem is to come up with an effective solution.
  • Failing motor – You may hear squeals and squeaks from a motor beginning to fail. In order to save your furnace from completely breaking down, contact a technician immediately.
  • No ignition – Rapid clicking noises in furnaces that have spark ignitions is an indication that the burner is attempting to ignite. When it is unable to do so, it may be caused by an improper limit control, faulty control board or blocked flue. The problem should be remedied by replacing or repairing those parts.
  • Problems with the main burner – Burners that don’t stay lit are usually caused by the flame sensors being dirty. In condensing furnaces, the cause is usually clogged condensate drains. The gas supply may be cut off if the burners fail to light at all. Making a couple of adjustments and cleaning key components should be the only furnace repair that our technicians need to do to remedy the problem.
  • Issues with the motor or run capacitor – Those problems will result in the blower not turning on after the burners have been ignited.
  • Clogged air filter – When the thermostat is on, it keeps the blower motor running continually. The main cause of the blower motor running constantly is usually a clogged air filter. The limit switch, which gauges the internal furnace temperature, might have been damaged due to restricted air flow. An Expert HVAC Care technician can pinpoint the problem and replace the switch. If the cause is a clogged filter, your technician can show you how the air filter needs to be changed.

Expert HVAC Care is the one to turn to for all of your furnace needs. We want you to be comfortable in your own home, so whether it is repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations, we are the best choice.

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