Commercial Furnace Repair

Is your business building freezing?

Do you have employees searching for ways to get warm while they work? If so, then you need to have professional commercial furnace service and repair performed as soon as business in order to get your business and furnace back to running properly once again! Having the right heating is critical to ensuring that your work environment is productive, comfortable and safe.

Are you searching for commercial furnace service and repair based on any of the common issues below?

  • The blower runs continuously
  • The blower doesn’t turn on even though the burners are hit
  • Your main burner extinguishes quickly or won’t light
  • When the furnace is running or starts up, you hear some strange noises
  • The pilot light is out
  • Your furnace doesn’t turn on

Our Expert HVAC Care Furnace Repair Team Has You Completely Covered!

We can even handle even your most serious commercial furnace problems:

  • No power: A simple switch, loose wiring or tripped breakers may cause power problems. Hard to pinpoint and complicated issues like blown motor, capacitor, control board, thermostat or transformer issues might need to have additional diagnostic tests performed during commercial furnace service and repair.
  • Failing or ailing motor: It’s never a great sign when you have a noisy motor, and it might be a sign of potential failure. Make sure to take care of a squealing, squeaky motors right away in order to prevent having your furnace completely breakdown.
  • Ignition failure: When your furnace is making rapid clicking sounds and fails to ignite it might be due to improper limit control, faulty control board or a blocked flue.
  • Burner doesn’t stay lit: If you check your adjustments and clean key components, technicians will be able to determine if it is a gas supply, clogged condensate drain or dirty flame sensor issue that is contributing to the problem.
  • Blower gave out: Your furnace might be having issues with its motor or run capacitor, which might cause the blower to not turn on once the burner ignites.
  • Blower will not stop: If the thermostat is not set to “on,” then your blower motor, which is continuously running, could be due to having a having a dirty air filter which can damage the limit switch and restrict airflow. Our skilled technicians will pinpoint what the problem is, let you know about filter changes and replace the switch.

Schedule Your Yearly Furnace Maintenance To Prevent Future Issues

You can protect your furnace’s health by just making sure you keep it well maintained. Our furnace maintenance experts can help you with that. To learn more, visit our commercial furnace maintenance page. You also need to have professional maintenance visits scheduled each year. That will save your business on its energy bills, in addition to keeping your furnace operating efficiently and extending its life.

In addition, have preventative maintenance performed with help you to identify common furnace safety problems before your employees and business are threatened, including:

  • Low levels of oxygen from the furnace which results in building inhabitants not getting enough fresh air.
  • Buildup of carbon monoxide which is a result of improperly vented or clogged ductwork.
  • Cracks in the combustion chamber or heat exchanger which might be not be visible but may result in the leakage of carbon monoxide.
  • Soot buildup which might cause a fire to ignite.
  • Buildup of carbon monoxide due to having a dirty furnace.

Prevent lost income, lost customers and lost productivity by having Expert HVAC Care perform commercial furnace service and repair for your business. Whether you need to have emergency commercial furnace service and repair or preventative maintenance done, the Expert HVAC Care professionals are here to help you get your business and furnace up and running once again.

Expert HVAC Care is the one to turn to for all of your Commercial Furnace needs. We want you and your employees to be comfortable in your business, so whether it is repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations, we are the best choice.

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