Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Everyone Loves Low Heating Bills

If you own commercial property, you know how important it is to maintain your heater properly. Good commercial furnace maintenance will help to ensure that your system operates efficiently and safely, which will protect your business and help you with maintaining your bottom line. Our Expert HVAC Care team will work with you to help you accomplish your goal.

Expert HVAC Care’s Furnace Maintenance Tips

The following are our best furnace maintenance tips for your commercial unit:

  • Stay safe. Always turn the electrical power and fuel supply off before
    any commercial furnace maintenance is performed. Also become familiar with where the switches are located just in case an emergency occurs.
  • Keep the filters clean. Having dirty filters puts great strain on a furnace, which increases heating costs, and decreases the lifespan of the unit. Inspect your filters every month to make sure they are clean. Typically pleated filters will last for around three months. Permanent filters need to cleaned once a month. If you own an electronic air cleaner, make sure you clean the filter at least every other month. There should be a cover over the slot for preventing potential safety hazards on furnace filters.
  • Make sure the thermostat is functioning properly. Your furnace is controlled by the thermostat and is critical for commercial furnace maintenance to help to maintain a business environment that is comfortable in addition to controlling energy costs. In order to get the most bang from your heating dollars, think about making an investment into a programmable thermostat.
  • Watch for obstructions. They may include blocked combustion air and exhaust pipes as well as blockages to your vents.
  • Be aware of potential gas leaks. If you happen to notice any damaged or worn connections or smell gas, make sure to turn the gas supply off and get in touch with a professional to have commercial furnace maintenance performed before you start your furnace.

Yearly Professional Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Getting your yearly professional commercial furnace maintenance scheduled will help to ensure that your furnace operates efficiently and safely throughout the entire heating season.

Expert HVAC Care offers complete maintenance which includes the following:

  • Complete safety check
  • Adjusting any controls as necessary
  • Professional cleaning
  • Inspect all furnace components

With yearly professional maintenance, you can detect common furnace issues before the safety of your business is threatened.


  • Build up of carbon monoxide due to cracks in the combustion chamber or heat exchanger that might not be visible to the naked eye, improperly vented ductwork or a dirty furnace.
  • Oxygen levels that are dangerously low from furnaces without a sufficient fresh air supply.
  • Soot build-up resulting in a fire

Expert HVAC Care is the one to turn to for all of your Commercial Furnace needs. We want you and your employees to be comfortable in your business, so whether it is repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations, we are the best choice.

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