Commercial AC Repair

A Comfortable Work Place Makes Happy Employees

It is important to maintain a comfortable temperature at the workplace to enhance productivity and provide a stable, safe and comfortable work environment for the employees. Do not wait to call for commercial air conditioner repair and services when your customers are fleeing and employees are sweltering due to the stifling temperatures at the business. Here at Expert HVAC Care, we offer emergency AC repair 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our professional and fully licensed HVAC technicians are always there to help.

We Offer All Kinds of Commercial AC Repairs

Our air conditioning repair and service can take care of the following common issues:

  • An air-conditioner that doesn’t turn on
  • Excessive vibration or noise during operation or start-up
  • Fan is not operating but the unit hums
  • The compressor isn’t working but the fan runs
  • Warm air from the system
  • Water forming around the AC unit.

Our technicians are capable of tackling the most stubborn issues with commercial air conditioners:

  • Tripped breakers or faulty wiring may lead to no power to the air conditioning system and an overheated air conditioning system shuts itself off. Our trained air conditioning repair and service technicians can take care of these issues to make sure that these do not bother you again.
  • If there is a squealing sound coming out of the air conditioning system, it may indicate a damaged fan belt and if it snaps, it may result in costly repairs.
  • If the air conditioning system is producing a hissing sound, it may indicate a refrigerant leak which not only affects the efficiency of air conditioning system but is also bad for the environment. Our trained Expert HVAC Care technician can fix the leak and recharge the system.
  • If warm air is coming out of the vents, it’s a sign of frozen evaporator coil that may be due to poor circulation, low refrigerant levels, continual operation or some other causes.
  • A properly operating fan is essential to circulation of cool air throughout your business location and if the fan motor is defective, you may need to replace it to take care of this issue.
  • In case the fan is working fine but still warm air is coming out of the vents, it is usually due to faulty compressor. A compressor is an expensive component of the system and therefore, you should discuss repair versus replacement options with the Expert HVAC Care professional technician.
  • Dust, debris, insects and algae may lead to clogging in the condensate drain over time which may create various problems leading to leaks and water damage. An expert technician from Expert HVAC Care can flush the system and apply the algaecide to prevent any future clogging.

Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance

Professional maintenance of your commercial air conditioning on a regular basis keeps it in top shape and prevents the need for emergency repairs. Various other routine maintenance tasks including changing the air filter should be performed in addition to the annual professional maintenance. Check our commercial A/C maintenance page for tips on maintaining your commercial air-conditioner. Keep in mind that regular maintenance by professional technicians not only enhances the life of your air conditioning system but also keeps it operating efficiently and saves money for your business.

Expert HVAC Care is the one to turn to for all of your Commercial Air Conditioning needs. We want you and your employees to be comfortable in your business, so whether it is repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations, we are the best choice.

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